Outdoor Elliptical Bicycle

Designed with the injured athlete in mind, the ElliptiGo elliptical bicycle combines the best of running, cycling, and the indoor elliptical trainer to deliver a low-impact, high performance workout without the confines of a gym – fresh air and a better view. Check!

Many people say that it’s more comfortable than a bike and the elimination of the seat alleviates the saddle soreness that can occur during a long ride – no chaffing, that’s a plus. Check! And the gliding motion, when properly executing the ride, takes the strain off the joints, which is why it is a favorite form of exercise for those with chronic knee and hip issues and the pain that accompanies them. Check! Check! Those seem to be the basic physical benefits of the bike, along with the fact that most ElliptiGo fanatics claim that they’re also a blast to ride.
The ElliptiGo 3 (let’s call it the everyman version) comes with a relatively hefty price tag, but anyone wanting to rent a bike for an hour or so can easily do so by going online to www.elliptiGo.com/Find-a-Retailer to locate their nearest shop.  The lovely folks at ElliptiGo would be happy to take you for a test drive and show you how it’s done.