Leash Umbrella for Dogs

Pet Umbrella

So it’s raining outside and your pup needs to use the restroom. You have an umbrella for yourself but, as you know, it’s difficult to keep your furry friend dry with it as they maneuver around.

So what happens? Your poor pet gets soaked. And whats worse, they come back inside soaked – muddying up the carpet and furniture and blasting everything within a 10 foot proximity with rain water after doing that body shake thing they do.

But now, thanks to advances in pet technology, your problems are solved..

The Pet Umbrella allows you to easily shield your dog from the rain. The umbrella attaches like a leash and is positioned over your pet, keeping them from getting wet.

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What about their feet, you say? Well, if you want to go a step further you can buy some dog boots to keep their little paws dry as well.