Pillow TV Remote Control

Calling all couch potatoes!  The weekend is finally here and it’s time for a little bit of indulging in that great American past time we like to call… hangin’ in the man cave (or girl cave).

Pillow Remote Control

That’s right, it’s time to hit the Barcalounger with a bag of chips and a case of beer and settle in for one well-deserved weekend of relaxation and television viewage.

In honor of this fine tradition, the swell folks at Brookstone have combined the two most important elements of any cavers ultimate weekend (television and a nice long nap) to come up with one totally awesome gadget: The Pillow Universal TV Remote Control.


That’s right, it’s a sofa cushion that doesn’t hide the remote–because it is the remote!  Genius, right!

With databases for over 500 remote control devices, the universal 6-in-1 remote is tucked securely inside of the pillow while all navigation is performed from the outside.  The cool cover panel has easy-to-click / easy-to-see buttons for sweat-free channel surfing.


There’s even a power saving feature that shuts down remote functions after 60 seconds of inactivity; so no worries if you decide to take a half-time snooze during the big game–you won’t accidentally roll over the mute button and sleep through the winning touchdown (don’t you hate when that happens?)

Grab yourself a Brookstone Pillow Universal TV Remote control today, pick up a couple of AAA batteries and get your ultimate weekend off to a perfect start.