Portable Power Supply Jump Starter

Portable Jump Start PowerSupply JumpnGo

What good is having battery jumper cables if you don’t have another person with their vehicle to help jump start your battery? In these cases, having the Jump & Go Portable Jump Starter handy can be a lifesaver.

This compact portable jump starter will jump-start a wide range of 12-Volt vehicles from v8 cars, trucks & SUVs to ATV’s, boats, motorcycles and tractors. It’s also equipped with a USB port so you can also charge your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, camera or whatever electronic device that you have that can be powered up through USB.

**Jump starts V8s up to a 7.0 gasoline engine and up to a 3.5 diesel engine. The powerful lithium polymer battery can be recharged hundreds of times and will hold its charge for over 1 year.