Prank USB Phantom Keystroker

Phantom USB Pranking Device

The Phantom Keystroker is a prank device you can use to fool your victims into believing their computer has gone haywire, or they’ve been compromised by a mischievous hacker, or some sort of evil spirit has entered their hard drive (if they are really gullible). A great way to make a boring day at the office more enjoyable and amusing.

Some of the ways it will torment your victim is by making random mouse movements, typing random gibberish of words and numbers (or strange full sentences to convince them they’ve been hacked in real-time) and randomly switching between on & off CAPS LOCK.

Pranking USB Device

Just secretly plug this bad boy into a person’s computer, keep a respectable distance and watch as they freak out when they see the phrase “I see what you are doing… I know all of your passwords” pop up on screen (just one phrase of many). Or watch them become frustrated and angry when their computer is seemingly on the fritz. Mwuahaha

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