R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid

R2 D2 Droid BotAlways wanted a Star Wars R2-D2 droid companion of your very own? Behold!

This R2-D2 smart-bot toy can do all sorts of cool things. Designed with advanced voice recognition, he will respond and react to over 40 voice commands and sayings.

Speak to R2 and he’ll chirp and bop at you. If you mention characters from the Star Wars movie like Luke Skywalker, C-3PO or Darth Vader, R2 will react to each individual name based on his “feelings” for the characters.

Tell R2 to follow you and his robot sensors will lock on to you and he’ll move along with you wherever you go. He spins, dances, plays music, and more!

Flip down his utility arm and he doubles as a beverage holder. Tell your pet droid to hold your drink and follow you down the street, and he will gladly oblige.R2 D2 Droid
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