Remote Energy Management Kit

Valta Remote Energy ManagementThe Valta remote energy management system is a helpful energy consumption tool that brings society one step closer to the “smart home” depicted in futuristic movies, whereby the artificially intelligent house malfunctions, goes insane and plots to kill the entire family. …Intrigued?

Don’t worry. The Valta energy manaement system will not plot to kill you. It may seem like artificial intelligence, but it is just really cool, advanced software that will help you lower your monthly electric bill by monitoring your home’s energy usage, and analyzing when and where wasteful consumption occurs. From observing your energy usage over time, it makes personalized recommendations that will help you save money.

Valta Energy Analytics

The Valta system will save you money in multiple ways. For example, when an electronic device is found to be wasting energy (e.g. standby power) or if any unused devices have been left on in the home, the Valta app will alert you and allow you to turn them off remotely through your smartphone or tablet.

With the Valta app you can turn electronics on/off anywhere through your smartphone. This can be a useful way to fool robbers and thwart thievery while you are away on vacation. If you worry about such things, you can turn your light on/off while you are in Hawaii so that thieves scoping out the place will think someone is there!

Valta ControlYou can also start planning your energy consumption by scheduling when a device turns on or off or set a timer for how long you want a device to be on.

Will all these cool features, pranks & tomfoolery also come to mind… For example, you can easily convince a person that there is a poltergeist spirit in the house by turning devices on and off through your smartphone with timed sequences! This is a good indirect way to get an unwanted roommate to move out. Scare them off with “paranormal activity”. So many possibilities with the Valta!
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