Scholastic Root-Vue Farm

Grow your very own salads at home, one or two servings at a time with the Scholastic Root-Vue Farm.


Similar in concept to the old-fashioned ant farms, this version will give you and your kids a worm’s eye view of three root vegetables in their day-to-day progression. The Root-Vue Farm is a self-watering grow unit with a special viewing window that allows you to watch the roots developing underground. Teach your youngsters to embrace their inner green thumb as they plant and observe the growth patterns of the whole veggie, not just those pretty leaves sprouting above the soil.

This multi-award winning scholastic kit includes a durable Styrofoam growing unit with acrylic window, built-in water basin, and drainage reservoir.  A removable light shield keeps plants growing when no one is observing, and eight super-expanding grow mix wafers feed the plants the nutrients they need to grow.  Three packets of seeds—carrots, radishes, and onion—are included along with identification labels, water wicks, and a 16 page booklet with complete instructions and experiments.

Even if you don’t have kids, The Root-Vue Farm can make an interesting alternative to your basic planter or meditation décor.  Granted, the box says Ages Pre-K to Grade 5; but hey, couldn’t we all use a simple reminder of how miraculous life really is?

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