Shark With a Frickin Laser Pointer

With the holidays just around the corner, here you are once again faced with that age-old shopping challenge:  What do you get for the marine biologist in your life who has everything?

Ummm… duh! A Shark With Frickin’ Laser Pointer, of course.


Armed with this clever gadget, he’ll be the hit of the local aquarium; and, in no time, all of his great white pals at the fish tank will be begging for their own frickin’ headlights.

Based on an “Austin Powers” prophecy, at Dr. Evil’s nefarious request, Shark with Frickin’ Laser Pointer is a masterminded idea whose time has finally arrived.

Despite Number 2’s proclamation of species endangerment, the guys at Think Geek have managed to create the mini-me version of Dr. Evil’s fondest desire and we think the results are definitely classic fun.

At 7 inches long with a Class I (think safe) laser attached to its head, this battery operated Shark with Frickin’ Laser Pointer is a definite creation of total evil genius and makes a great gift for movie buffs, geeks… and every heinous supervillain masterminding a diabolical plan for total world domination.