Smart Egg Tray

Remember when we made our cell phones smart? Soon thereafter came the smart refrigerators with wifi capability and automated grocery delivery logistics.

Smart cars are the future for sure but for today we have, the Smart Egg Tray.

The Egg Minder is a wink app enabled egg tray that makes sure you’ll never run out of eggs. It also lets you know when the eggs you have not yet used are going bad. The Egg Minder Smart Tray wirelessly connects to your mobile device and lets you know how many eggs you have left—out of a possible 14. It sends an alert to let you know when you’re running low, as well as when each egg has expired. Hmmm.

If you’re serious about your eggs, this is the product for you. Trying to get those B vitamins? That Choline for your mind? Whatever your intentions, this smart egg tray will help you keep on top of your egg inventory.