Smart Food Scale Digital Prep Pad

For those of you serious about your food intake, let me introduce you to the Prep Pad Smart Food Scale.

Smart Food Scale Prep

This is not your ordinary food scale. Along with normal scaling functions, this Smart Prep Pad gives you real-time insight into your food – visually and statistically – so you can eat nutritiously like a champ.

Smart Food Scale w/ Digital Prep Pad

The digital scale comes with a free Countertop app that allows you to visually see the carbs, proteins, calories, weight and micronutrients in all your meals with OCD precision.

Smart Food Scale

The scale follows USDA guidelines, but you can also create and track your own custom nutrition goals in case you have some maverick diet, or eat the Paleo diet or something.

With Wireless Bluetooth 4 LE, the app is compatible with iPad 3, 4, Mini, or Air.
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