Smartphone Keychain Breathalyzer

With the smartphone keychain breathalyzer you can check yourself to see that you’re not reaching dangerously high alcohol levels. You can also use this before you drive, say, after a night of hard drinking and you still need to go to work but you’re afraid there’s still enough alcohol in your system to snag a D.U.I.


Smartphone Keychain BreathalyzerSmartphone Keychain Breathalyzer for iphone and android


The keychain connects wirelessly with either iPhone or Android smartphones via Bluetooth Smart. The ZeroLine Technology estimates when your blood alcohol level (BAC) will return to 0.00%.

WARNING: Be careful and responsible with this you crazy kids. I can easily see this little thing turning into an alcohol poisoning nightmare when you and your friend’s drunk asses start making it a competition to see who can get the highest number.

REMEMBER, don’t be a fool – drink responsibly! But still drink up. Cause you only live once 😉 just make it a long one, aye.


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