Sphero — App-Controlled Robotic Ball

The Sphero is an app-controlled robotic ball that puts a whole new spin on mobile gameplay. This is an amazing toy for kids, but equally great for adults. Parents, after you give this as a gift to your kids you will find yourself tempted to steal it from them after witnessing its awesome… mark my words.

Sphero Robotic BAllThe Sphero lets you interactively play in the virtual and real world simultaneously. You could simply drive the ball around using your smartphone or tablet (reaches speeds up to 7 feet per second!) or you can choose to combine it with virtual reality games – turning your living room into augmented reality video game with up to 25 fun apps to choose from, single and multiplayer.

Sphero Virtual Reality

One of the apps is called the Rolling Dead, which you look through your smartphone or tablet’s camera to play, and you will see the surrounding area infested with the zombies! You can buy more apps if you wish that are available on iTunes and Google Play, some of them free.

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