Spin The Shot Drinking Game

Not much to this drinking game. Kind of like spin the bottle, you just spin the arrow around and whoever it lands on drinks (Instead of kissy kisses. Unless it’s that kind of drinking game you’re playing, of course..)

You could also use this as a supplemental accessory to another drinking game. Whoever it lands on draws a card, for example.

Or you could go old school and bring back another game from your teenage years, like Truth or Dare.

Spin the bottle, whoever it lands on is asked Truth or Dare by the last person it landed on. If they refuse to do the Truth or Dare, they must drink.

And of course the players will become progressively bolder as more alcohol is introduced to their system. So things should get interesting.

With this drinking game novelty the possibilities are endless. No matter what though, everyone’s getting wasted.

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