Star Trek Door Chime

Star Trek fans behold! One of the more recent geeky offerings from the good folks over at ThinkGeek headquarters.. The Star Trek Electronic Door Chime.

A motion-sensitive alert system modeled after the communicator panels on the notorious USS Enterprise.

Mount one of these nifty gizmos on the wall by your door and it will alert you whenever someone crosses your threshold. There’s also a finger-activated button on the front of the panel that sounds the Communicator Whistle, allowing you to keep in touch with your entire crew.



The whole high tech, futuristic system runs on 3 AA Batteries (not included) and, according to one avid fan of both the door chime and the series: it works great as a night alarm system.

If dexterity allowed, I would give it the Vulcan salute, but let’s just say, “live well and prosper”.