Stress Relieving, Mind Expanding “Thinking Putty”


What is this “Thinking Putty” and how does it work? To put it simply, it is a magical substance (created by scientists) that does all sorts of things. While playing with Thinking Putty you will notice yourself becoming entranced in all it can do – the possibilities are endless!

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Thinking putty is known to reduce stress, expand your mind by ‘thinking’ up all the stuff you can do, and why it is happening O.o What is this stuff? Why is it so awesome? Who made this?! Just some of the questions that will spring to your mind as you or your kids play around with this stuff.

So What Can “Thinking Putty” Do?

What can the Thinking Putty Do

Preoccupying your mind with something else as you are working on something creative (for school or the work you do) is also known to help spur the imagination. Sometimes taking your mind off the task at hand, and playing around with Thinking Putty, can help you in your objective – or help you remember something you’re trying to draw out your memory.

And you will have way more fun doing this with Thinking Putty instead of one of those stress ball things you can only squeeze. Boring!


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What people are saying..

“After I saw this magnetic thinking putty on various gadget blogs, I knew I had to get it. I always have to have something to fiddle with on my desk at work, and thinking putty works well because I can use it like a stress ball, pull it, smoosh it, etc.” –read full review

“Aaron’s putty is the best. This was my first tin. It won’t be my last. I’m ADD and need to fidget so my brain can focus. My boss won’t let me knit at lectures, so Aaron has become my new best friend.” –read full review

“This is our second order..I guess that speaks for the product and service itself!” -Heather, Finland