SwissCard Pocket Tool

SwissMade Card

For those of you who love things with multi-use purposes, here you have a little card that you can hold in your wallet that serves as a mini-toolkit. It comes with 13 tools including a magnifying glass, a straight pin, pressurized ball point pen, Phillips screwdrivers, scissors, rulers, tweezers and more.

SwissCard Pockettool

Good to have in those unexpected McGyver situations. Imagine you’re in a tight spot when your cellphone slips from your hands and falls just out of your reach underneath the vending machine – just enough out of reach so your fat fluffy fingers can’t get ahold of em’.

In this situation, you just bust out your McGyver like SwissCard pocket tool, pullout your tweezers tool then bada bing bada boom, problem solved.asdf


Reddot design award winner 2004 for design quality, innovation in form and function. Precision crafted in Switzerland with a lifetime warranty. via Amazon