Talking Dalek Alarm Clock

Are you looking for an alarm clock that will instill paranoia and quietly keep you awake each night, finally becoming your “worst nightmare realized” as it shocks you out of slumber just as you start to doze off at 7:00 a.m.? Well then, look no further.

The Talking Dalek Alarm Clock will guarantee near total insomnia as you stare wide-eyed at the ceiling, lying in wait for that horrifying moment when you find yourself peeling back the bed linens and making a beeline for that safe place behind the sofa, scared poopless by the inevitable terrorizing threats of EXTERMINATION and DESTRUCTION.

Fans of the British science fiction series Dr Who know them as the doctor’s deadliest enemies–and love them enough to rate them as one of the all time greatest monsters.

Now you can have your own little Dalek in the form of this insane talking alarm clock. Measuring 8 inches high, this robotic replica will insure that you don’t sleep through that important meeting or miss those midterms, when its “beaming white ears” and “eye that glows blue” alert you to the morning with an alarm that cries out with one of three classic phrases: “EXTERMINATE,” “YOU WOULD MAKE A GOOD DALEK,” and “YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF THE DALEKS, YOU MUST BE DESTROYED.”
Greet each new day the Dalek way with the Talking Dalek Alarm Clock.