The Shocking Game – Lose & You Get Shocked!

Electric Shock Reaction Game

Most party games lack a crucial element – the element of pain and torture if you lose. Anything less is just not motivating the players enough with the desire to win. If you lose this game, you get a jolt of painful (non lethal) electricity sent through your body.

The Shocking Game

This is how it works: two to four players grab a handle, then set off the timer. A red light will pulse while suspenseful music is playing. When the pulsing red light turns green, all players must hit the trigger as quickly as possible. The slowest player gets shocked, humiliated and laughed at by the other players. Be careful though, if you can’t handle the suspense and you hit the trigger before the green light shows, you lose and get shocked as well.

The Electric Shock Reaction Game allows you to set various levels of shock intensity, to up the ante as you and the other players see fit. This game will quickly separate the bold & courageous from the wussies in your group. Have fun!

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