The “That’s Bullshit!” Red Button

Thats BS button

The “That’s Bullshit!” red button is essential gear to take with you to office meetings. The BS button allows you to easily call out all your liar and/or brown nosing co-workers on their BS with a simple press of the button.

BS Button in Office

When you press the button, it will recite hilarious sayings such as “Ah, ya gotta be kidding me! That’s three gallons of bullshit in a two gallon bucket!” – “Oh no you didn’t! That’s some Bullshit!” – “Wow, watch your step! You’ve just walked into some Bulllshhit!

Here’s what one reviewer at Amazon had to say about this.. “That’s Bulls*** Button has completely transformed our office. I think I am going to order a second one for the office downstairs. It gets hit at least a couple times a day and everyone just about dies laughing.”

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