Top 10 Funny Novelty Oven Mitts

The process of cooking should be a joyous experience. The joy should not come from just the end result of scarfing down whatever you produce. The kitchen is your playground. To help enhance the fun of cooking, try using these amusing oven mitts! These make a great gift for cooks and chefs with a good sense of humor. You should also check out novelty kitchen timers!

Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

Spock Mitt
How would Spock cook if he were a chef? In the most logical and reasonable way, of course. Be more like Spock. It would be completely illogical to be a Star Trek fan and not use this oven mitt.

Bear Claw Oven Mitts

Bear Claw MittsThese oven mitts are shaped like bear paws, with protruding bear claws. It would be more awesome if the bear claws were sharp and hard.. then you could use these oven mitts for street fights too. Oh well.

Tattoo Arm Oven Mitts

Tatoo Arm

In case you want to look a little more manly and badass while you cook.

Facebook Like Oven Mitt

Facebook Like Oven Mitt

They may not like your cooking, but they’ll love your Facebook Like oven mitts!

X-Ray Oven Mitts

X Ray Oven Gloves

Idea: Use these for Halloween barbecues!


Stand Clear, Man Cooking Mitts

Stand Clear Man Cooking MittThese would make a great gift for a man in your life who can’t cook worth sh*t. But he still tries, and for that he should get credit – and these hilarious oven mitts.

Boxing Gloves Oven Mitts

Boxing Glove Mitts

 You are the Champion of the kitchen, the Fighter for tasty food, the Stallion of baked goods!

Shark Bite Oven Mitts

Shark Bite Oven Mitts

The only thing that would make these more awesome is if you got this matching hat.

Pixel Oven Mitts

Pixel Oven MittsThese nerdtastic cooking mitts would go great with Pixel Frame Shades

Lobster Oven Mitts

Lobster Claw