Tricked Out Water Bottles

Hey there! Looking for a new water bottle? Well, get rid of whatever boring bottle you’re using right now, and get yourself a water bottle that will give you, more.

man drinking water

We live in the age of the millennial, which means anything and everything must be tricked out with gadgetry, and have a wifi connection. Although none on this list have wifi, I’m sure that sh*t is coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy using one of these!

Water Bottle That Will Hold & Protect Your Smartphone



Water Bottle With Storage Compartment

Bottle with storage

Water Bottle That Will Keep Your Beverage Cold/Hot For 12 Hours

Swell Bottle


Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Bottles

Water Bottle With Filtration system

Purfication Water Filtration



Solar Powered Light Up Water Bottle

LED light bottle

Smart Water Bottle With USB / Bluetooth Speakers

Smart Water Bottle