Two-Dimensional 3D Effect LED Lamps

2d3d Lamp Shade

2d3d Lamps

These unique lamps will add a surprising touch to your home decor, as guests become astonished to realize that the three dimensional lamp they’re looking at, once viewed from the right angle, is actually flat! These cool two-dimensional LED lamps have an amazing 3D effect and are known as “Bulbing Lamps” by the creators at Studio Cheha.

Studio Cheha Spiral

Bulbing lamps were funded by a Kick Starter campaign, and brought to commercial life and to homes around the world. Already available are a select variety of cool 2D/3D lamps to choose from, from a simple light shade design, to a skull, a spiral and galaxy design – among others. And there is no doubt that more designs will come about in the future to add to their line of amazingly creative lamps.

Studio Cheha Skull

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