Unusual Mailboxes That Will Weird Out Your Mailman

Kitty Kat

Kitty Kat Mailbox — Works best if you are a crazy cat lady and/or have dozens of cats around the house. The mailman will be thoroughly weirded out.



Mailtruck Mailbox — This could offend your mailman a little bit. He or she may take this the wrong way.. as if you were mocking them and their career. But more than likely they will just be weirded out.


Computer MailboxComputer mailbox — An awesome mailbox for computer geeks. And it will weird your mailman out for sure.


Cow MailboxCow Mail Box — This cute little cow mailbox is amusing and quite hilarious. To weird your mailman out even more, you can try finding and attaching a sound device that will “MOO!” every time they open it. That’d be so weird.


Giraffe Mailbox
Giraffe Mailbox
— It’s not everyday you see a giraffe, especially as somebody’s mailbox.



Shotgun ShellShotgun Shell Mailbox — Not only will this weird your mailman out, but it will probably put him in a state of fear and unease – he is sure to keep his distance after seeing this.


Tropical Parrot

Parrot Mailbox — You could use this parrot mailbox OR for added measure, you could just stick Polly the insulting Parrot on top of your existing mailbox.


Manatee Mailbox

Manatee Mailbox — There is a good chance your mailman won’t even know what the hell this is. If that be the case you can just calmly explain to your weirded out mailman that this is a Manatee mailbox, and he should start watching the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet.


Rooster Mailbox

Rooster Mailbox — Even if you live on a farm, this is sure to weird out your mailman. Probably more so if you don’t live on a farm.