18 Unusual, Unique and {Awesome} Gifts For a Baby Shower

Baby shower’s almost here! Time to bust out all the baby stuff and load mum up. But wait — this is a special occasion. Get her something out of the ordinary, and awesome, such as…

Cute Animal Baby Robes

Cute Animal Baby Robes


Experimenting with Babies (Book)

experimenting wth babies


Baby Star Blanket Wrap




Teethers that look like food


9 Months on the Inside Baby Onesie

9 months on the inside


Baby Cleaning Mop Onesie

Cleaning Mop Onsie For Babies


Milkscreen: Home Test to Detect Alcohol in Breast Milk 8 Test Strips




Whats Wrong With Baby? Decision Dice

Decision Dice

Baby Fortune Cookie Booties

Fortune Cookie Booties


Super Hero Bibs



Daddy Diaper Duty Apron & Fanny Pack

Diaper Duty

Gear Dad up with the Diaper Duty Apron & Fanny pack

Toddlers Are A**holes (It’s Not Your Fault)

Toddlers are assholes


Baby Mustache Pacifier

Baby Mustache Pacifier


Blank Canvas Bib

Blank Canvas Bib


Huggable Pacifers

Huggable Pacifiers


Thug Life Baby Stuff

Thug life Baby Stuff


Nursing Hats

Mobaleez Breastfeeding hats

Cute, stylish and genius. MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hats — A new kind of nursing cover.

Baby Safe Feeder

Mesh Feeder

Invented, patented and marketed by a dad who almost lost
his baby due to choking on a teething biscuit…

A safe, fun and easy way to introduce fresh fruits, vegetables
and snacks of your choice.. [read more]