Flip-Up Keyboard Organizer

Ever wish you could have the convenience of a desk without the wasted space? The Bluetooth 6 in 1 Keyboard & Organizer With Tablet Stand from myKeyO (that’s a mouthful) offers you just that.

Never will you have to go rummaging through desk drawers searching for the elusive paper clip or that pesky post-it that you’ve carefully hidden to protect your latest Internet password. The Restt Keyboard Organizer is a fully functioning multimedia keyboard that opens for internal storage of all your favorite desktop items.

Flip open the keyboard’s lid and you’ll be in organizer’s heaven, with compartments in various shapes and sizes to accommodate all of your favorite office essentials: writing implements, markers, note pads, keys, coins, stamps, gum, lipstick…. you get the picture.  And, of course, there’s plenty of room for safe and convenient storage of your computer needs, such as CDs, DVDs, flash drives, and earbuds. Just the kind of no-clutter convenience we all crave in today’s no fuss technological world.

When the lid is closed, you’ve got a full sized Bluetooth computer board featuring a low profile quiet keyboard and a one size fits all slot/stand: for all iPads and other tablets, or your smartphone.  The keyboard is Windows compatible and works well with Apple products and all Bluetooth mobile phones.

And for those business meetings when you need to sign the contracts and get your name out there, myKeyO has included a business card holder and pen and stylus stand on both sides of the “desk” so you can catch them coming and going.  As a plus, if you need to make a quick exit, you can just pick up your desk and go.

From office to bedroom to kitchen table… It’s an all-in-one mobile desktop.  What could be better?

Look out Starbucks… here I come!