Vintage Old Dude Coffee Mugs

Looking for a gift for an old person? Most old people love to drink coffee. Why not celebrate their old age and their staying in the game for so long with a Vintage Old Dude Coffee Mug?

Vintage Old Dude Coffee Mugs

These coffee mugs aren’t for any ol’ Old person. They will require a level of dudeness and sense of humor that goes beyond most. You could easily offend your grandpa if he takes this the wrong way… so be careful.

Vintage Dude American Classic

There are all sorts of Vintage Old Dude coffee mugs to choose from. You have your generic “Original Vintage Old Dude Coffee Mug” which displays the words ‘they don’t make em’ like this anymore’ & ‘experience . endurance‘ at the bottom.

You could also get a more personalized mug, with the year of age of said old person. However, they are limited to 40, 50 and 60. So you might want to wait till they hit a multiple of 10 before buying one of those for em’.

Aged 60 Years

There are also even more personalized Vintage Old Dude mugs, my personal favorite being the Vintage Dude Classic Rocker (with the tagline: better to burn out than fade away) if your Old friend happens to be a musician.

Rocker Mug

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