WineCruzer’s Classy Wine Carriers

Wine Cruzer 8 pack
A devote wine connoisseur needs to transport their wine with the same level of class and sophistication as the bottles they are drinking. Use a WineCruzer carrier to safely travel with your prized wine collection, and impress your peers with a carrier akin to the sophistication of a military convoy.

Wine Cruzer 2 pack

The last thing you want to happen is a tragic mishap on the road causing your expensive bottle of wine to meet its end without first having quenched your palate. WineCruzer carriers securely transport your bottles in style, with an indestructible hard shell case with closed cell foam. Not only keeping your bottles safe from destruction but also maintaining placement temperature for six to eight hours.

Wine Cruzer

The case carriers come in a wide range of styles, from a briefcase to your airport travel suitcase, and will hold from 2 to 24 bottles depending on what you choose from their line. WineCruzer is so confident in their wine-safe carriers that they offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on all products.