Yoda Novelties For Star Wars Fans — Yoda Novelty Stuff

“Do or Do Not, There is No Try” – one of the timeless and most profound quotes that came out of, not only the Star Wars movies, but the entire 20th century. Your intentions, your “effort” .. meaningless. Trying will get you no where, only results matter.


Yoda is arguably the most beloved character from the Star Wars series, maybe even more so than Han Solo. Get your hands on some of this Yoda stuff to commemorate his awesomeness.


Or find the perfect gift for someone that loves Yoda.

 Yoda, Star Wars Poster – Minimalist Typography Poster, Movie Poster, Art Print, Illustration, Wall Art

yoda poster

Handmade item — Materials: Paper, Card, Ink, Print, Digital


Yoda Keychain




Do or Do Not Coffee Mug

Remember – Results are all that matter. Wake up every morning with that can-do attitude, and that great wisdom of Yoda, “Do or Do Not” (with an emphasis on the DO)

** Don’t like coffee? Then drink healthy green tea to match the color of Yoda’s skin


Yoda Typography Art Print Poster

Do or do not


Yomega Star Wars Yoda String Bling YoYo



Yoda wooden hand pipe 5.5″

Yoda Pipe

Smoke with Yoda sophistication.




Yoda Baby Stuff!


Rock your baby out right with Yoda Clothing Gear, you must.



Do-do, or do not do-do.. there is no try.



What Would Yoda Do? (WWYD) Bumper Sticker


In every situation one should ask themselves, “Yoda… Do what would he?”



Star Wars Tin Yoda Kaleidoscope




Yoda Computer Sitter Bobblehead

Have Yoda watch over you at all times while you’re on the computer with this computer monitor sitting Yoda bobble head. While you’re waiting for your files to download you can practice using the force to bobble his head.


Star Wars Yoda Minifigure Clock

Keep track of time with the Yoda clock. Has an alarm clock and black light display, plus his arms and legs move.



Yoda Slippers

May the force be with you and your tootsies

Keep your feet warm with these bangin’ Yoda slippers. You can wear them at night before you go to sleep, on the beach, or wherever really. Why would you ever take these off?

Cool Yoda Shirt

Yoda Shirt

The Yoda Backpack

If you’ve always dreamed of piggybacking the great Jedi Yoda around, doing front flips in the woods somewhere, here’s your chance..To go along with your Yoda backpack, you can get the Yoda talking keychain with voice activated buttons.

With both the Yoda backpack and talking keychain you can run around your local woods area living the life of Luke Skywalker, and listening to timeless Yoda sayings to pump you up… such as..”Concentrate, feel the force flow, yes.” – “Size matters not.” – “When 900 years you reach, look as good you will not hmm”

“Do, or do not, there is no try.”


Yoda Fish Emblem

This awesome Yoda fish emblem is slightly altered to look like Yoda. Dimensions: approx. 5″ x 1-3/4″

Yoda Candy Holder

The Yoda candy bowl holder stands 20″ high. You can use it at parties, during Halloween or just as your regular candy bowl!