Zombie Teddy Bears

Looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s day gift? Or perhaps you just want to mentally scar your child for the rest of their life on Christmas day?

Either way, a horrifying Zombie Teddy Bear may be just what you’re looking for.

These adorable zombie teddies make great company while you’re watching your favorite zombie movie, or TV show (e.g., the Walking Dead).

There are a variety of undead teddy bears to choose from, and they are all hand-made by its creator at Undeadteds.com.

If you find a teddy bear you like, you better hurry up and buy it. These cute and fluffy undead teddies sell out fast.



A Zombie Teddy with a chilling cold stare and guts falling out of his belly.




Will you still cuddle with me, even though I’m now a flesh thirsty monster?


Unwilling to turn into a brain-eating zombie, this unlucky fellow
chose to take his own life before the madness takes hold.


The classic crooked jaw, as seen on The Walking Dead.